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Best Rugby Betting Apps in

Are you looking for a betting app for rugby? You can place bets at our recommended sites. This guide will show you how to download the best rugby betting apps.

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How We Rank Rugby Betting Apps

Rugby is a very entertaining game and one that many people love to bet on. Make sure you do your research before signing up with a sports betting site. Here are some things to look out for when choosing rugby betting apps:

Bookmaker License

Before you opt for any sports betting site, make sure you check their license. The presence of a gambling license means that the bookie is regulated by government agencies. As a result, it will be safe to bet on sports with their app.

Odds and Payout Percentages

Also, the best betting sites will offer fantastic odds for rugby games compared to other sites. When using their rugby betting apps, you’ll get double your winnings from these high odds. 

User Experience 

The overall experience when using the betting app should be fantastic. It shouldn’t be difficult to launch the app. Also, when placing bets, the app should not crash. If it has bugs, then it’s not a great betting app for rugby.

Betting Offers

Bettors will enjoy using betting apps for rugby if they can get a lot of offers. For instance, the bookie should feature lots of tournaments and betting markets for this sport.

Payment Methods

In addition to offering convenient payments, a good app will also offer multiple options. For instance, if the website has 16 payment methods, the rugby betting app will also have all these options.

Betting Features

When choosing a rugby app, ensure that it has easy-to-use features. Most importantly, it should have other features that make it possible to place bets conveniently.

Are Rugby Betting Apps Secure? 

It should be very safe to use mobile apps to bet on rugby. Sports betting apps work like every other app you have on your phone. However, you will only be safe if you download rugby betting apps from trusted sources. For instance, you should only download apps for rugby from licensed sportsbooks. Also, you should only download them from the bookmaker’s website. Any third-party site offering a rugby betting app could be risky.

How to Download a Rugby Betting App

You only need your phone and a working internet connection to download the best rugby betting apps. In this section, we’ll show you how to get apps for rugby betting.

Download and Install an Android Rugby Betting App

It’s only possible to download the APK file for Android. Google doesn’t list sports betting applications. Here is how you can get Android betting apps for rugby:

  • Open your web browser to visit the bookmaker’s platform
  • Search for the Android app icon on the website.
  • Download the APK file and then install it on your device.

Download and Install an iOS Rugby Betting App 

This is how to download the iOS app: 

  • Go to the Apple Store and search for the app. 
  • Tap on it and then install the rugby betting app.

Downloading an App via a Betting Site

We recommend that you download the bookie’s app directly from their website. It is safer than getting it from third-party websites.

Rugby Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

To understand the options mobile bettors have, here is a quick comparison to help you make a choice:

Mobile Sites 

Mobile Apps

Loading takes time

App loads faster

There are no updates

Apps have regular updates

Older devices can use them

Older devices can’t use them

Doesn’t use memory on the device

Will require storage space

Easily adapts to screen size

Needs memory on the device

Popular Markets You Will Find on Rugby Betting Apps

If you sign up with any of the best betting sites, you’ll have access to lots of rugby betting options. Here are some of the popular markets punters can bet on:

  • 1×2: Punters can bet on the winner of the game. The 1×2 option is the most common betting market offered online. If you get this prediction right, you win your bet.
  • Total: You can also place bets on the total scores in rugby. For this market, you have to guess if the scores will be below a certain number or over it. 
  • Double Chance: This option is just like the match winner, except that you can make two guesses in one bet. You can predict that one of the two teams will win or that a team might win/draw.
  • Draw: In rugby, punters can also predict whether the match will end in a draw. Your guess will be a yes or no.
  • Winner in Extra Time: You can also bet yes or no for this option. Here you are predicting that the game will only have a winner in extra time.
  • 3-Way Total: In three-way total, it’s a lot like over/unders, except you have three options to choose from. For instance, you can predict that the game will be under 30, exactly 30, or over 30. If your guess is correct, you win.
  • Total Tries: In rugby, some bookies provide the option of betting on Tries. You can bet over/under in this case. 

Pros & Cons of Sports Betting on Mobile Devices 

We’ve made a list of some of the benefits and drawbacks of betting on mobile devices:



App loads faster

Some apps have limited functionality

You can receive alerts

It has system requirements

You’ll be aware of all bonuses


Graphics are better


Very easy to Use


Live Betting on Mobile 

There are live betting options for rugby games at the best online sportsbook. Also, you’ll be able to place bets on international tournaments on your mobile phone. Today, many bookies have optimized their platforms to accommodate mobile bettors. As a result, you can always choose between downloading a mobile app or using their mobile website. Either way, you’ll have access to the betting options in the bookmaker’s live section. 


Can I win real money betting on rugby?

Yes, when you sign up at the best betting sites, you’ll be able to win real money betting on rugby.

What is the best betting site for rugby games?

Several online sports betting sites offer rugby betting options. We suggest you use any of our recommended betting apps for rugby.

Is it safe to place bets using rugby betting apps? 

It is safe to place bets on rugby games using sports betting apps. The safest rugby betting apps are operated by licensed sportsbooks.

How do I choose the best betting apps for rugby? 

If you’re choosing a sports betting app, make sure it is from one of our recommended betting sites.

How to bet on rugby live? 

You can bet on rugby by signing up with one of the best sports betting sites in the country.

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