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There was a time when slot machines could bring a fortunate gambler a glass of beer and a cigar. Today, online casino clients have instant access to a huge number of slots in one click. 

The only part of the game that stays the same is the golden question; is it possible to beat a slot machine?

What You Need To Know About Online Slots

To understand your chances of winning, let’s talk about slots in detail. The main idea comes from the first physical slots. They contained revolving drums with specific symbols (usually fruits or card symbols), a combination of which led to a reward. 

The modern video slots show you a similar image. Whether it’s gems, stones, ancient objects, or animalsyou only get your reward when those symbols form a required pattern. 

The Inside of a Slot Machine

Let’s take a closer look at what is at the heart of any online slot machine. The slot is driven by an RNGa random number generator. It processes numbers constantly, even when no one is playing. There is no way of knowing what numbers the machine will process; it is entirely random.

Enjoy the show of flashing pictures and sound effects; the result is already known the second you spin the slots.

RTP Rate

Another important acronym regarding RGN is the RTP rate. It’s not a strict correlation, but many consider it a working tool. RTP rate means a return to a player, and this is the average sum cashed back you can count on while playing a slot. If you invested $100, and the RTP rate is 95%, then hypothetically, you will have a return of $95.

Can Casinos Control the Winnings?

If you gamble at an online casino, you should know that the game providers only give you the right to use their slots. The casino doesn’t own the fancy software; therefore, it’s game providers you should look at as the major part of the cash flows to them.

The more trustworthy provider is, the better results you will get. Playtech, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Thunderkick, and Spinomenal are well-known and licensed game developers that produce high-quality casino software. They offer various bonuses and jackpots, which multiply your chances for bigger payouts. 

Is It Possible To Deceive the Slots?

Now, let’s see if we can boost our chances of winning. “Wait, you just said that slots have an embedded RNG. Doesn’t that mean there’s not much to do except ask the gods for luck?” Yes and no. To make things clear: we’re not speaking of hacking the machine or casino code; we’re speaking of specific actions that might lead you to better results. 

Don’t Let Greed Blur Your Mind

Investing and gambling share a strict line where you must stop. Don’t invest in slots more than you can afford to lose; determine the sum for the day (and the time you will spend spinning the slots, too), and don’t go further than that.

Play at Reliable Casinos

Anyone who’s interested in a decent payout has to look for websites with a crystal-clear reputation. That basically means the casino is:

  • Licensed
  • Have easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Doesn’t break any laws of your country

You can be a professional slot spinner, but does it matter when the casino refuses to confirm a withdrawal request?

Rely on Numbers

We mentioned that different fruit machines have different RTP. So, what number will be suitable? The lowest you can encounter is 86-88%, and the highest is 98-99%. It doesn’t mean that low RTP slots are bad; they do have their benefits. But to increase the odds of winning, choose a percentage above 96. 

Have a Rehearsal

Start exploring virtual machines with a demo mode if you’re a beginner. Some online casinos allow you to play for free, and you don’t even have to register. Just go to the slots section, move to any slot game you see, and check if there’s a sign like “play for fun,” “demo play,” or something similar. A free game will acquaint you with the slot layout and the minimum/maximum bets there. 

Less Is More

It looks like progressive jackpots are a red flag for those who want an assured win. As soon as you spot a game with a jackpot sum that seems relatively modest compared to its six-numbered fellows, go for it. Those machines may pay less, but they do it more frequently. So, your goal is to choose low-volatility slots over high-volatility slots. 

Learn the Rules 

Make sure you understand each element of the slot’s layout. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Scatters
  • Wild
  • Bonuses

These roles vary from game to game, so whenever you start a new slot, make sure you understand what’s going on.

It’s tempting to switch off the brain and just “go with the flow,” but if you aim to beat the machine, take it as work, not a time of relaxation.

It wouldn’t hurt to read over the rules of slots. Additionally, visit the Terms and Conditions and check the bonus rules. In addition, you will find their provisions about the minimum bet, minimum deposit, and how much you have to wager the bonus points or free spins to withdraw money. 

Check Out Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos use welcome rewards for newcomers and different promotions and tournaments to attract more gamblers. Often, the reward consists not only of bonus points or money but also of free spins. Usually, free spins are credited to a specific slot; take advantage of it to increase your chances of winning without depositing real money. 

All in all, it’s best to learn the wagering requirements for these types of spins. Most of the time, they have a different number than regular spins.

Strategies to Beat the RNG Beast

Apart from the simple actions we just mentioned, you can try some gambling strategies. They aim to preserve your funds and keep you out of trouble. They are based on theoretical ideas about slots algorithms rather than proven statistics, but all the samethey may help you.

The Ladder Strategy

The ladder strategy in online slots suggests placing a bet of a smaller amount. Don’t lower the stake if there are no ringing coins after the first spin. If there is a win that is at least twice as big as the initial bet, you can double it. Just don’t forget to define your personal maximum limit. Apply this strategy to the whole session. 

The Play-and-Run Strategy

If your budget is low, use the play-and-run strategy. The main idea is to leave the slot machine as soon as you realize it leads to limit loss that you can’t afford. If you keep in mind the number of empty spins you can put up with, it’ll be easier to leave once you reach this limit. After the slot machine remains dumb to your actions, choose the next one instead. This is how you can keep your money safe, especially if you don’t have a lot to gamble with.

The Blank Back Strategy

Are you having trouble with self-control? Then the Blank Back strategy is your best option. Here, you’ll also set limits, but not in financial terms. It’s rather the number of empty spins you can afford to lose. The average number you can painlessly afford is between 7-15 spins. As soon as you reach the limit, forget this slot machine and follow to the next one.

The One Game Strategy

This strategy will work when you have enough funds and know your bet slot. Place the maximum bet you can afford there, and see what happens. They say the winner takes all. So, if you win, you can do the same and retreat from the casino. Or, you can continue gambling using the winnings you earned. Just don’t cash in additional money to play this machine.

Have you lost? Go for another slot game and repeat the pattern.

Final Word

Casino software and security systems are evolving really fast. What was a working trick a couple of years ago wouldn’t work today. 

Any reputable online casino has a set of provisions dedicated to advantage play. They don’t like being deceived, and your actions may be considered suspicious if you’re not careful. Be sure to follow all the slot rules to avoid being banned from the games.

It’s clear that slot machines with embedded RNG mechanisms don’t have any specific scheme to beat them (at least, legally approved). Instead, we advise you to use the combination of luck, self-control, and analysis to increase your odds of winning. Learn the rules, conditions, and numbers. Armed with essential information, you will see a few steps ahead.

As a friendly reminder, never rely on slot machine winnings as the primary source of income.

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