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With esports competitions attracting a bigger and bigger audience, fans aren’t just watching the battle; they also love to spice up their experience with esports betting. Since League of Legends is among the most popular online games globally, it’s only logical that LoL betting is on the rise. But how do you make accurate bets so that you gain profit? Rely on well-thought predictions.

After reading the article, you will learn how to make your own LoL predictions based on open-source data. Then, you can bet on League of Legends with XXX, where you will find the best odds. 

LoL Betting Prediction with XXX

Predicting the match outcome may seem complicated at first sight. However, with some practice, data, and knowledge, you can make LoL predictions with a rather high level of accuracy. With League of Legends betting tips from XXX, you will learn how to accurately predict the outcome of the game based on open-source data. This is a sure way to increase your chances of winning the bet. 

LoL betting tips from XXX are rather reliable, as the sportsbook is highly involved in the world of esports and League of Legends in particular. Besides featuring multiple LoL events on the platform, it’s also an official partner of Fnatic – one of the most prominent esports teams with many victories in tournaments. For example, it performed pretty well during Worlds 2020 but lost in the quarterfinals to Top Esports. We will refer to the team’s matches during the event when elaborating on nine betting tips for accurate LoL predictions.

  1. Start by Studying the Teams 

The first point to consider is to learn as much information as possible about the competing teams. Who are they? What is their roster? Did they compete against each other before? If so, how many games did the teams play against each other? 

Let’s have a look at this example: last year, Fnatic and Top Esports met on the battlefield five times. They were competing in the quarterfinals. It means that the teams already have a common history for you to analyze to make your betting predictions.

Remember to take into account only rather fresh statistics. Esports is changing rapidly: some players may have strengthened, some – on the contrary – weakened. Therefore, relying on outdated data is risky and can undermine your League of Legends betting strategy.

  1. Dive into the History 

Once you know that the teams have a common history, you need to start investigating it in the pursuit of valuable insights. First of all, analyze when the teams met. What championship was it? Who was the winner? All these pieces of data will help you predict what chances your team has of winning. 

For example, although eventually, Fnatic lost to Top Esports in the quarterfinals, the teams were pretty equal. In the majority of games, the score difference didn’t exceed one point in favor of either. However, Fnatic did manage to win one time with a score of 0:2. On the whole, Fnatic won two times, while Top Esports had three wins. 

Don’t forget to consider one important point, though: the current roster. It can change with time. In other words, the team that was competing in 2020 may not remain the same in 2021. In this case, to increase the chances of accurate LoL betting, you should analyze how the performance has changed with the new roster.

  1. Elaborate on Teams and Their Player Stats

Accurate predictions should take into account the LoL team and its statistics. Unfortunately, sometimes, the victory or loss is a matter of luck: even the strongest teams may lose. Therefore, you need to know its general state. You need to analyze:

  • The number of games played and the percentage of victories/losses
  • The most and least performing players.

Last year, Fnatic participated in 68 games of various championships, almost 60% of which were won. This is a rather good fact that implies the team has all the chances for quite a successful performance this year. However, as for the players, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson had the highest KDA of 7.32. All the others ranged from 2.28 to 3.61. Rekkles also actively participated in kills. However, in November 2020, Rekkles left the team and was replaced by Elias “Upset” Lipp. Upset also performs pretty great but more stats are still needed for exact evaluations.

  1. Compare the Statistics of the Teams 

Surely, when analyzing the teams’ statistics, you investigate both of them. Once this step is done, compare the data. For example, you can calculate the win/loss ratio for the last 5 or 10 games and see who performed better. 

Let’s assess Fnatic and Top Esports performance before the knockout stage in the Worlds 2020. Fnatic ended up with a total score of 4:2, one victory, and a 66.67% win ratio at the group stage. Top Esports, however, did better: 5:1, two victories, and a WR of 83.33%. 

Such an analysis is vital to understand what shape the teams are in now. Considering the above-mentioned data, it’s not surprising that Top Esports won the quarterfinals. 

  1. Follow Roster Updates 

Who is playing in the team can become a crucial differentiator to its success or failure. Therefore, before making a final decision on a LoL betting strategy, you need to check the roster. It’s advisable to do this before every event or match

As we have already discussed, changes in Fnatic’s roster in the end of 2020 had a significant effect and made many bettors reconsider their strategy.

  1. Check the Odds

Sportsbooks like XXX always evaluate the upcoming events on their own. The team of experts consider a variety of factors and set the odds: the chance of the victory represented in percentage. This can be a good hint to successful betting on League of Legends

Although the chances of experts being right are high, no one can know for sure which bet is going to win. Even specialists with a deep knowledge of LoL like XXX aren’t an exception. Therefore, it also might make sense to bet on underdog – the team that is likely to lose, according to the sportsbooks. 

All in all, betting odds should be considered after you are done with the analysis. It may not change your mind about the outcome of a certain event. Yet, it will determine which event is more lucrative to bet on, provided you predict correctly. 

7. Pay Attention to the Chosen Champions 

League of Legends is a game that’s outcome highly depends on the choice of a champion. This can also bring you extra profit. Evaluate the players’ preferences in terms of champions and make live bets on LoL. For example, Bwipo, who is on the Fnatic’s roster, selects Sett more often than any other character: during LEC 2020 Spring, he played with Sett five games, three of which ended up with a victory. 

8. Turn to Tipsters 

A professional opinion never hurts. Here is why you can always seek tipsters’ opinions about a certain match outcome. Basically, tipsters are analysts with deep expertise in the field. They have been involved in League of Legends betting and predictions for a long time. Consequently, they are expected to be competent advisors. 

There are a lot of tipsters on the net: some of them share their predictions on forums, while others do this on their personal accounts or blogs. Anyway, you will be able to collect many opinions and compare them with your predictions

9. Consolidate All the Collected Data in a Table 

A structured approach always works better than a laissez-faire one. The same rule is relevant for LoL betting predictions. Instead of keeping some information in your head and some written in Notes, it’s better to create a table with the results. 

The approach is useful because, firstly, you reduce the risk of losing some data. Secondly, it will be easier to comprehend the results. When you see everything in one place, it’s easier for you to analyze the information and compare it with others’ opinions. 

The table may look as follows:


Win Rate

Last Five Matches

Group Stage 2020 Total Score



L-L-L- W-W


Top Esports




Summing Up

Betting on League of Legends can be more fun when you are making your own LoL predictions. After all, the chances of winning the bet increase since you rely not on mere allegations. To make accurate predictions, you need to carry out a deep analysis. Find out the history of the teams, whether they competed against each other or not, how they performed in the last five-ten games in general, who their best players were. 

After all these, you will have a clear picture of who has more chances to win the coming battle. Now that you know the potential outcome, it’s time to bet on League of Legends. Bet with XXX – the sportsbooks with dozens of LOL events and the most lucrative odds. 


League of Legends Betting Predictions FAQ

How do I start betting on League of Legends?

In practice, betting on League of Legends doesn’t differ from other esports or sports. You make a prediction, register on XXX, find the event, make a bet, and anticipate the outcome. 

Why is League of Legends betting so popular?

LoL betting is becoming so popular because League of Legends holds one of the most viewed esport disciplines. Millions of fans want to spice up their experience by participating in iconic tournaments, at least as a gambler. 

Is LoL more popular than Dota 2?

Yes, LoL is more popular than Dota 2. League of Legends boasts around 70 million users globally, while Dota 2 has only 43 million players, as of December 2020. 

Is League of Legends betting profitable?

Yes, League of Legends betting is profitable if you can make accurate, data-based predictions. You can bet traditionally, before an event begins, and live to increase the chance of winning.

How many teams are in the League of Legends tournament?

The number of teams in LoL tournaments varies from event to event. For example, in the 2020 World Championship, there were 22 teams, while in The 2019 World Championship there were 24. 

What is the best bet on LoL?

There are many LoL bets. For example, you can bet on the winner, the team to make the first kill, the exact score, etc. All these bets are worth considering.

What are LoL betting odds?

LoL betting odds differ from one bookmaker to another. However, XXX consistently offers you the most competitive odds.

Which LoL bets are easier to predict?

It’s rather easy to predict the winner, especially at the early stages of the tournament. Typically, LoL teams of tier 1 remain pretty the same. That’s why they will outperform the weaker ones. 

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