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Blackjack card games are a must-have in any casino—online and offline. In fact, it is so popular because you can play it in online casinos with live dealers. Only some card games can boast such a long lifespan.

Blackjack: Skills Over Luck

Whether its original ancestors were in Spain or France, we do know that the British game Twenty-One is the closest relative of Blackjack. 

It’s referred to as a banking game, meaning several punters play against a dealer. The important detail about Blackjack is that skills prevail over luck here. The exceptions are only confirming this rule.


To start playing Blackjack, you must acquaint yourself with the rules. 

First of all, the dealer uses 52 card decks. The cards are equal to their numbers; 10 goes for 10, and 6 goes for 6. The exceptions are aces, jacks, queens, and kings. The ace can be worth both 1 and 11, and face cards are worth 10 points. Actually, the ace is the strongest card in Blackjack since its value can change.

Gaming Process

You have to start by placing a bet. Depending on the casino type, there will be either a special place for that on the table or an e-deposit option, which you can also opt for. There will be limits in bets which you have to follow. 

After that, all the players receive two face-up cards from the dealer (the dealer also has two cards, one of them is facedown). After that, each player decides whether he hits or stands. As the primary goal is to get as close to 21 as possible (and beat the dealer), it’s necessary to estimate the present situation. If the player understands that his hand value is likely to exceed 21 if given a new card, he will choose to stand. If the player can afford an additional card, he may ask the dealer for it, which is called a hit

The Outcome

As soon as everyone is ready, the dealer opens their card. The dealer wins if their card is 21 or close to that; if it’s the opposite, the winner is another player whose hand is closer to 21.

As you can see, the players do not compete against each other directly; basically, each player is responsible for their own result. This is when you can take the winnings.

Key Decisions To Make

It would be too simple to allow the game to flow calmly. Of course, the player can make a whole set of different decisions! We already mentioned the major ones:

  • Hit—the player asks for additional cards without placing a bet until he busts (exceeds 21) or gets closer to 21
  • Stand—the player doesn’t do anything 

Some other options are:

  • Double down: the player has enough on his hands but wants an additional card. For that, he has to place a bet equal to that he already made. 
  • Split: if the player has two cards of equal value, such as two queens or two eights, he may split them, and so he will receive two independent hands, each of them containing one of those cards. That is possible by placing an additional bet equal to those already placed.
  • Surrender: If there’s a situation where the player foresees he’s out of luck, he may give up half of his bet and stay behind.

A specific hand gesture usually follows each action if you play in a real casino.

When Should I Double Down?

Undoubtedly, each action has its significance. Still, the most frequently asked question, especially by rookies, is when to double down. When made in time, this action will bring you good cash and the opportunity to go for another round without losing too much. So, here are the most common signs it’s a good idea to take a risk.

11 is a Lucky Number

The rule of doubling down with a total of 11 comes from the math calculations. Statistically, the odds of getting a good card are higher when you double down, having 11 as a total sum. You can even find yourself in a situation where casinos remind you of doing this.

Soft Hand

No, it’s not when your hands have smooth skin. In Blackjack, a soft hand means that you have an ace. Do you remember that ace is the coolest guy in Blackjack? This card changes its value in a split second, so you definitely can double up having that one up on your sleeve. 

Soft 13-18

Have some adrenaline rush and double down, having a total of 13 or 18, including an ace. However, before that, look at the dealer’s card—if there are 5 or 6, you can go for your luck. Predictably, it’s very close to crossing the line, but that’s why you’re here, right?

Hard Hand

Clearly, if a soft hand means having an ace, a hard hand means having no ace. Still, even in such situations, it’s possible to double down. Can you see the numbers 9, 10, or 11 in your hands? Make sure the dealer has a lower-value card, and then double down. If you are feeling particularly lucky, why not take a risk?

Dealer’s Factor 

Most of the time, a lot depends on the card the dealer has. So, after scanning your hand, look at what your opponent has. If it’s a weak number, let’s say, five or lower, you can consider going for more. But if the dealer has an ace, refrain from doubling down—unless you can see through the cards.

Special Situations

Blackjack may sound like a simple game, but you’ll be amazed by how many situations can change the gaming process. 

  • For instance, you can win right at the beginning of the game. This happens when you get a total of 21 after the dealer has distributed the cards. If the dealer doesn’t have the same situation, you get your winnings immediately. And if the dealer has it, you neither win nor lose.
  • Though it’s not a 100% accepted practice in all the casinos, you can make side bets in Blackjack. You’re likely to witness an Insurance side bet. You can place half of your initial bet if the dealer has an ace. Why do it at all? This is your airbag if your opponent has Blackjack since your reward will be paid as 2:1.
  • Side bets are prevalent in online casinos. They are multiplying the chances for better winnings even with a smaller payroll. The types of side bets you can meet in Blackjack are Over/under 13, Perfect pairs, 21+3, Royal match, Lucky ladies, and Super sevens. 

Double Down Live

Though the rules described are applicable both to offline and online Blackjack, keep in mind different websites offer live games.

When gambling online, you can choose the live dealer and check out the maximum number of players. Also, you can send messages to a live chat, where the dealer will answer you.

Online Blackjack comes in all possible variations and languages, with additional perks.

Beware! You risk being spoiled by instant deposits with fiat or cryptocurrency and access to the game 24/7.

Final Words

Blackjack’s popularity is easily explained: a simple game with an unpredictable plot. Besides, here you can practice analytical skills. However, before trying different strategies and side bets, learn the basics of the game. Start with doubling up and slowly move to more advanced playing behavior.

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